Intelliskills Tick-Tock Shape O’ Clock – Multicolor



Key Features:
  • Improves Spatial Recognition: Each solid-wood, detachable shape piece is a unique shape and serves as a practical teaching tool for understanding the many kinds of edges and corners that make up a geometric form.
  • Enhances Numeracy & Fine Motor Skills: The numbered shapes can be arranged in a certain order, used to demonstrate basic mathematical concepts, stacked high to provide a motor challenge, and of course inserted into the appropriate cavities to finish the clock face.
  • Stimulates Concentration: Children enjoy being able to decode codes, and reading a clock is one of them. Knowing the rules and using them to figure out something is an exciting skill to add to a mathematical tool kit. Using letters to build words or determining what time it is when you know where the hands on a clock are, requires focus and patience when children start their learning journey.
  • Learning To Tell Time: The ideas of “before,” “after,” “early,” and “late” as well as phrases like “half past” and “quarter of” are specific to telling time. The movement of the clock hands, which indicate breakfast, lunch, and sleep, can also serve as a novel approach to discuss the day’s events as they occurred in the morning, midday, and evening.
Know More About This Product:
With just a push, the minute and hour hands on the Shape O’ Clock will spin around, signalling that it’s time for fun and learning, wherever they are. As they move the colour blocks and rotate their hands, children may match the colours, sort the shapes, and solve the puzzle while also developing their cognitive and motor abilities.
Brand – Firstcry Intelliskills
Type – Shape Sorter Clock
Age – 3 Years+
Material – MDF
Dimensions L 24.43 x B 22.25 x H 2 cm
Product Description:
Younger children can learn time concepts, numbers, colours, forms, and fine motor abilities through the Intelliskills Shape O’ Clock. The clock has 12 different-shaped number pieces that fit into cavities, as well as revolving minute and hour hands. Additionally, it helps develop many skills; this wooden puzzle helps kids develop crucial skills, including hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and fundamental cognitive ability while laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning. Because of its compactness and lightweight, the clock board and the blocks can easily be carried to different playing environments, making it an ideal choice for kids.


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