Intelliskills Language Series Magnetic Spell & Learn – 64 Picture & 144 Alphabet Magnets



Key Features:

  • Developed by renowned expert educators at FirstCry Intellitots Preschool, specializing in early learning
  • The magnetic language series game helps in learning the alphabet, developing word recognition, and connecting words with sounds
  • Builds vocabulary and recognition by correlating words with 64 picture magnets
  • Helps in promoting a child’s spelling and pronunciation competence by introducing them to new words through this fun-powered activity
  • Enhances spatial ability and logical intelligence in a child
  • Fosters valuable English language skills to help them in school

Know More About This Product
To ensure your little one’s getting the ideal child development aid they deserve, check out our Magnetic Spell & Learn set. Here’s how it will help your child:

Recognition and connection: Playing with these magnetic pieces will stimulate your child’s brain to recognise and form connections between letters and sounds.
Language and vocabulary: These magnetic spell & learn pieces, with pictures and letters, help your child understand and learn new words.
Love for reading: This puzzle set motivates and cultivates the habit of reading at an early age.
Comprehension skills: The game focuses on learning words through object recognition and naming, subtly honing the language-understanding or comprehension ability in your child.

Word formation: With 144 alphabets and guidance, children can play and learn to form 64 different words and attain spelling skills earlier than their peers.

Brand: FirstCry Intelliskills
Type: Learning & Educational Toy
Age: 3 Years+
Package Dimension: L 42 x B 25 x H 6 cm

Product Description:
This Magnetic Spell & Learn set enhances vocabulary and English language skills in curious young learners. It also helps develop spatial and logical intelligence. It offers multiple ways to play, ensuring hours of screen-free fun for little ones as they explore the exciting world of alphabets.Items included in the Package:
64 Picture Magnets
144 Alphabet Magnets
1 Magnetic Board


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