Intelliskills 2 in 1 Play Mat Jungle & Roadmap Theme – Multicolour




Key Features:

  • Waterproof: You will appreciate how easy it is to clean the play mat. Simply wipe it up with some damp tissues/cloth, wipes or disinfectant once a week, and you won’t have to worry about it ripping apart or getting dirty.
  • Educational Design: The double-sided mat has information on both sides ranging from numbers, letters, and measurements for the child to learn through exploration.
  • Large & Reversible: Your baby can crawl around on this spacious one-piece play mat, which also helps them achieve developmental milestones confidently without hurting themselves. Also, your baby will enjoy tummy time on both sides with the adorable imagery for added visual stimulation.
  • Anti-Skid: The Intelliskills play mat is safe for falls and slips. It adds a cushiony layer between your child and cold floors. This mat doesn’t have any sharp edges or corners, offering soft padding as your baby learns to crawl or walk.
  • Easy to Fold & Carry: Owing to its multiple-fold design, the mat can be easily be folded and stored in seconds. Made of XPE foam, which even after extended use keeps its shape like memory foam.


Brand – Intelliskills

Type – Play Mat

Age – 0 Years+

Material – Foam

Open mat Dimensions – L 178 x B 157 x H 0.8 cm

Product Dimensions – L 88.3 x B 39.3 x H 7.2 cm

Package Dimensions – L 100 x B 47 x H 7.8 cm

Item Weight – 734 g

Packaging Weight – 780 g

Product Description:

The Intelliskills Play Mat is designed to help with all of a child’s developmental phases. Learning is encouraged as children approach the toddler years with illustrations that are meant to amuse, engage, and educate. Children can use this mat to study numbers and the alphabet, practise their language skills, and more.  The double-sided mat has great impact tolerance and is resistant to dampness and humidity. The mat can also be utilised in a sitting area, outdoor picnic, and balconies.


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