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Intelliskills 190 Plus Brain Boosting Flashcards – 7 Set



Key Features:

  • Develops Memory: Using flashcards helps children become more aware of their surroundings, encourages object recognition, and helps develop a photographic memory. They also support learning through memorization by using ‘active recall.’ Flashcards boost cognitive development and critical thinking by triggering a quick recall.
  • Enhances Vocabulary: These durable flashcards build your child’s vocabulary and boost & fine-tune their overall language skills.
  • Teaches New Concepts: The main objective of using flashcards is to improve a child’s knowledge on different subjects and concepts. It not only gives them an edge through knowledge enhancement but also improves their self-confidence by being exposed to, and learning bits of new information every day.
  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: Your child’s interaction with the easy-to-grip Intelliskills Brain-Boosting Flashcards builds their fine motor skills and strengthens their grasp. Early development of fine motor abilities can help children succeed academically, socially, and personally.
  • Creates Visual Stimulation: Learning becomes enjoyable and engaging thanks to the colourful pictures on the flashcards. Flashcards help creating curiosity by capturing the child’s attention through visual stimulation.

Know More About This Product:

Looking for a fantastic way to support your child’s brain development? Use the Intelliskills Brain-Boosting Flashcards to create an engaging flashcard learning session for your child. This is a fun technique to teach children new ideas and share knowledge in order to encourage a love for learning. This set of 7 includes flashcards on topics like birds, fruits, vegetables, numbers, the alphabet, animals, and shapes & colours. Its colourful imagery motivates kids to learn more and more each time they play with them, also boosting self-confidence along the way.


Brand – Firstcry Intelliskills

Type Learning & Educational Toys

Manufacturer Recommended Age 3 Years+

Material – Paper

Product Dimensions L 29.7 x B 19.54 x H 1.10 cm

Product Description:

Teach your kids new concepts with Intelliskills all-new – Brain Boosting Flashcards. The set of 7 makes a great versatile learning tool for children that not only allows them to interact and retain information but also makes learning fun. The purpose of flashcards is to improve active recall in young children and increase their knowledge retention. These vibrant graphic cards stimulate learning in a fun and effective way while also helping with memory improvement.


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